How much money does an organization earn?
You will receive $17 for each comforter that your organization sells, $12 for every set of sheets that your organization sells and $4 for each additional pillowcase set that your organization sells. Take advantage of our incentive program by using our proven sales techniques and earn up to $13 for every set of sheets sold.
Are there any upfront costs?

No way. We would not dream of asking you to pay any money to us to start the fundraiser. We want this to be easy and successful for you. Your organization will have no unforeseen out-of-pocket expenses due to us.

Are there any minimums?
Absolutely not. There are no minimums; however, we hope you sell many, many sheet sets to raise the most amount of fundraising dollars possible.
How do we get our fundraising dollars sent to us?
When your fundraiser is over, we will initiate payment to you within 2 weeks. We prefer to send the money to you electronically, so you get the money as soon as possible. We can, however, issue a paper check if you prefer.
Is there a shipping charge associated with the orders?

Everyone who places an order will pay for their own shipping charge, so there is no charge to the seller or organization. 

How long will it take for an order to be delivered?
Once we receive your order, we will ship it out within 5 business days.
Will the sheets fit oversized mattresses?
Yes! Our fitted sheets have elastic that goes all the way around the bottom - not just in the corners like other sheet sets you may see. The way in which our sheets are manufactured along with this extra stretch from the elastic makes them a perfect fit for any mattress with a corner of up to 17 inches.
What if I have a question that is not answered here?
We would love the opportunity to answer more of your questions. Click on the contact us link so that we can be in touch.

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