Thank you for supporting Islamic Relief USA

Thank you for your support!

Islamic Relief USA is a community of humanitarians–staff, volunteers, affiliates, supporters, partners, donors–who have been working together for a better world for over 25 years.
We work in nearly 40 countries to bring an end to poverty around the world. Our projects include: Water and Sanitation, Refugee Aid, Orphan Support, Food and Livelihood Development for farmers, Disaster Response, Women's Empowerment Programs, Education, Homelessness Support, and many more.
But we need your help to continue. Through creative fundraising efforts like LolaBird Bedsheet Fundraising, we are able to support our projects.

We are happy to be fundraising with LolaBird bedsheets. Finally, a fundraiser where we can offer a product to you that is at a deep discount. These bedsheets sell for over $150 in the department stores but LolaBird is offering them to us for $49.95 regardless of size.

  • 1800 Thread Count
  • Amazingly Soft
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Seven sizes
  • Subtly Sophisticated
  • Moisture-Wicking
  • Various colors
  • Flawless fit for standard & deep mattresses


Thank you for supporting Islamic Relief USA