Thank you for supporting Operation Helping Hounds

Get Cozy & Help Us Raise Funds!

With Christmas around the corner, we cannot imagine a better time to get some super cozy new sheets! Whether it's for yourself, your family, your office Secret Santa or even your hound (we know you all love to spoil your hounds!), by supporting our Lolabird Fundraiser you are not only helping us save the lives of even more dogs, but you also get some cozy, soft, high quality bedding that might just make getting out of bed during the cold front a bit harder. We cannot thank you enough for your support throughout the years! Without the help of our loyal friends (hey, that's you!) Operation Helping Hounds would not be able to do what we do: save hounds in need and help them with a second chance at life!

We are happy to be fundraising with LolaBird bedsheets. Finally, a fundraiser where we can offer a product to you that is at a deep discount. These bedsheets sell for over $150 in the department stores but LolaBird is offering them to us for $49.95 regardless of size.

  • 1800 Thread Count
  • Amazingly Soft
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Seven sizes
  • Subtly Sophisticated
  • Moisture-Wicking
  • Various colors
  • Flawless fit for standard & deep mattresses


Thank you for supporting Operation Helping Hounds