Thank you for supporting Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue

Support our Shepherds through Better Sleep! Check out LolaBird Sheets!

Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue, one of the largest shepherd rescues on the east coast, is partnering with LolaBird sheets. Stylish, comfortable, and smart sheets to help send you off to sleep so you can exercise with your dog(s) day after day! As always, the profits go directly to help the MAGSR dogs we rescue. Thank you!

All LolaBird products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed so Please Click "Shop Now."

If you care to go one step further, do your friends and family members a favor as well as us by sharing our webstore link with everyone you know! Who wouldn't be happy to buy high-quality bedsheets at below retail price!!

We are happy to be fundraising with LolaBird bedsheets. Finally, a fundraiser where we can offer a product to you that is at a deep discount. These bedsheets sell for over $150 in the department stores but LolaBird is offering them to us for $49.95 regardless of size.

  • Amazingly Soft
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Seven sizes
  • 13 Colors
  • Subtly Sophisticated
  • Moisture-Wicking
  • Various colors
  • Flawless fit for standard & deep mattresses


Thank you for supporting Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue